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I am presently working on a older computer for a good friend which is a "Cisnet" brand (Never heard of the brand before). It is running a Asus P5P800-MX motherboard, and a intel P4 Chip. It has 512 mb of buffalo ram and a 120gb HDD with fresh install of WindowsXP. The problem I am having is WindowsXP keeps rebooting itself you can not move anywhere on the PC or internet without the OS crashing and restarting. I unchecked the Auto Restart checkbox in safemode and in regular mode but cannot generate the BSOD to find an error. I replaced the power supply as it's numbers were all over the place with a brand new one. I also ran Memtest 4.2 for about 9 hours and ran Hard Drive tests using chkdsk, seagate tools, and Hirens.BootCD.15.0 in which the Hard Drive passed every test. I then started unplugging Hardware like one fan at a time, the wireless card, the card reader, and the DVD Rom. This almost reminds me of the older klez virus but I just reinstalled XP mind you I did go online to try and get an update. When I try to install any software and it doesn't seem to matter which all I get is the Microsoft Message that the divers are unsigned even the ones from Windows update. I get Internat exployer errors, cpu errors, and can't seem to move to check anything. Before I reinstalled WinXP Home Edition I zeroed the HDD so the boot sector was cleaned as well so if it was a boot sector virus that should of removed it right?

Please if you have any suggestions I am all ears...

Thanks in advance
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  1. based on your troubleshooting I would be inclined to say bad motherboard.
  2. punch your friend so hard and tell him buy new one!!!
    just kidding lol
    i agree with rolli59.
    wild install on progress "format" will remove all virus also.
    However really..... time to buy new one lol
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