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I tried looking up solutions for my problem but nothing came up covering my specific problem. It started a two weeks ago when my screen would go blank a few minutes after booting up. After going blank my display would come back and appear normal until I went to move the cursor. Every time I moved the mouse the screen would go blank for a few secs and new windows would not display properly. I tried updating the video drivers but it didn't help. A couple days ago nothing showed up on screen when I turned the pc on.

Currently, with my old video card my computer turns on but nothing shows up on screen. So I tried a new video card to see if that's the problem. Now I see the boot- up screen and can press f2, f12, or f8 and get to the respective menus. But after I select booting up windows normally or in safe mode the screen goes blank again. Obviously, I can not uninstall my old video drivers because I can't see anything on screen when I use my old video card. Is there something I can do to test my system or get my new video card to run properly?

My pc is a 6 yr old Dell xps 700, pentium 4, 1 gb ram. my old card was a: nvidia geforce 7900 gs. my new one is a: pny geforce gt 430. I don't need it to play games or anything just for regular pc use.

Any help would me much appreciated.
Thank you,
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  1. Can you try another monitor? After getting the same results with two video cards, it's only likely there's something else at play. Ruling out the monitor itself would be a small step forward.

    Also, have you got a Windows CD? You can always try booting from it to see if it loads and displays properly. If it does, you could attempt running Windows Recovery.
  2. The only reason why I doubt its the monitor is because it is fairly new and I have my ps3 connected to it also and it plays fine. I tried a DVI and HDMI connection and got the same results. I also tried a diagnostics cd from dell which was booted up before windows and oddly enough it passed all video tests. I will run all tests to be safe.

    Unfortunately, I can't find my windows cd, but if I do I will try that next. any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Yes i think you need to buy a other moniter or SPU if you hafe a old monitor then you cant get a neew video kard on it
  4. it is a new monitor as I said earlier, it is less than 2 yrs old
  5. OK. So the monitor works fine when used with a PS3. Monitor problem ruled out.

    Considering the system's age, it's entirely possible the PSU is at fault. Capacitors weaken over time, so maybe it just can't provide ample current any longer. Any chance you can "borrow" one from another PC (or a friend) and try starting up your PC again?
  6. As odd as It may sound it could be the Main boards PCIE settings through the bios. I had an old Mobo that would intermittently cut the video in and out.
    Its a long shot but go into your bios is your able to and reset everything to default settings, or if your mobo has the option, although its rather old try to update the bios via an online option or find and updated bios and put in on a disk and update from that.
  7. i just loaded a linux os from a cd and everything works it cant be the power can it? i am completely lost, lol.
  8. With the problem occurring even while using Windows Safe Mode, which only uses the most basic and generic video driver, all we really had to speculate about was potential hardware issues. Hence my PSU suggestion. Though, I still find myself leaning towards the issue being within Windows itself. That issue being Windows file corruption.

    Having said you'd try a Windows Recovery when able to find the installation CD has me wondering if it only came with is a format and reinstall "Recovery" disk, which has no Windows Recovery utility at all, or if it possibly came with nothing at all... Most factory pre-built machines (especially from that time) never come with an actual Windows disk, and many didn't even include their "Software Recovery" disks, which had to be downloaded and burned by the user. (Which few people actually bothered to do.)

    I'm uncertain if Tom's (or BoM) would consider it piracy to borrow a friend's Windows CD if you can't find your own, but seeing as the install is already there, it's keyed with the Dell OEM key, and it's activated, I wouldn't consider it piracy. At that point, would using a downloaded copy even be piracy?
  9. i will get my friends windows cd today and I have my product key so I hope that works. You guys are good, this didn't even occur to me. Does this mean the problem is my HDD or my software??
  10. It seems pretty likely the Windows software is corrupt, but data corruption can be caused by a failure within the hard drive. You may need to replace it, but you should test it first.
  11. u guys were right!! used the windows cd to repair and everything went back to normal. Thank you guys so much!!
  12. You're welcome.
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