Power supply *troubles* .. help

i have one question.
its about my power supply.
i dont know how much wats it has since i dont know where to look.. but it has some wires connecting it.. example: pink wire(connected to motherboard) it says 580wats, blue says maximum, red says 230wats..etc.. what does it mean.. oh and i had graphics n9800 gt(fryed it) that consumed like 400wats.. so its 400 plus... i wonder hiw much it actually has cuz im looking to buy gtx560-min.450wats.

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  1. Make and model of the PSU will tell us whether big enough! It should be on a sticker somewhere on the PSU itself!
  2. oh. ok.. that could take a while.. i just gave my pc to a friend to clean it up and install new win7 so i could just insert graphics and play.. i will ask him to check the name.

    i will pm u when i get info about pc and p.supply

    tnx anyways.
  3. cant w8 to get it fixed so i can play tes skyrim ... i have waited for over a year for this game... and like month ago my graphics fryed...
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