Athlon X2 6400+ overheating - can be a faulty CPU?

Hello, I bought used CPU Athlon X2 AM2 6400+ and changed instead of my old X2 4600+.

At first I used the old cooler, but the temp went to high - around 80 degrees on the load.

So I bought a better cooler and it fixed the problem - temp went down by 20 degrees.

But it was working good just for 2-3 days. After that CPU started overheating, and on the load even reaching 80. Cooler is OK, I even tried the other new one.

I was doing a test with prime95.exe and this program found CPU error.

I put new thermal past.

I checked this CPU on my brother's system, but the problem is the same.

The temperature is rising.

Can be a faulty CPU? But why it began to overheat just after 2-3 days of work? Why not instantly? Is there any fix?
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  1. Need a little more info is it overclocked and has anything in the case changed did you put on take off the side of the case during testing. And not passing a prime test is not always a bad sign as the proseccor will not run flat out like that in any normal usage. What are the temps while surfing the net and say listening to itunes or something. Then what are they while gaming..? If these are fine and you rPC does not crash then dont worry to much aout it. Having a good case with good airflow will help in all cases.

  2. Processor is not overclocked. And I didn't change anything in my hardware (or any serious software change).

    I checked both with open and with closed case - problem is the same.

    It reaches 70 and even 80 when the processor is ~70% load (playing games, or when I open a few programs and some videos+mp3 at the same time)

    The thing is that it was working at good temp few days ago. And now it just jumped to these high temps so suddenly.
  3. I solved the problem. Bought a mid range cooler - Cooler Master Hyper TX3.

    Any cheap coolers wont go with this CPU.
    Now CPU is working for an hour at full load and the temp max. is 56 C.
  4. I know you have solved your issue, good going, but this sounds to me like either the heatsink was not mounted correctly, or you have too much thermal compound. Are you certain you had the locking lever completely latched down into place? Sometimes they can be very stubborn about locking down into place completely.
    I have always found AMD heatsinks to be quite good unless you doing anything more than mild overclocks.
    A thick coat of thermal compound will transfer heat for a while until it starts to dry out, and as it drys out it becomes a better insulator than conductor.
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