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I have 8 gigs of ram but it only lets me use 3.62 gigs i have a windows 8 64 bit os want is up with this were can i change the amount of ram it will use thanks
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  1. Are you sure your OS is 64bit? From the limited information you've given, it sounds like your OS is only 32bit as compatible RAM is recognised during boot. Try swapping the memory sticks in different slots, removing them one at a time. But if you list your pc specs, mobo, ram sticks (size, speed, manufacturer and number of), cpu, etc. We may be able to give you a better advice.
  2. amd 785g 4 times 2 gigs ram 8 64 bit os ram speed 6,7,8,9 amd processor athlon (tm) II times 2 215
  3. i found the answer start the run msconfig click adv. an un check memory cap an reboot an it's fixed
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