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Motherboard DOA failure question

I have been doing alot of reading in different forums, researching reviews on different sites, and looking at customer reviews of computer parts they have bought at newegg, amazon and tigerdirect.

I have seen alot of people posting their Mobo is DOA. Even some saying after sending back to Newegg, that it was returned back to them with damaged pins.

I am wondering what the real rate of MOBO failures is if anyone can tell me. I ask because I wonder if I should try to buy locally.
Or if I should just give up and buy a computer from Dell or HP etc.

I was really excited to build my first computer but after doing alot of research on the internet, I am a bit discouraged now.

Any help, suggestions, advice appreciated.
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  1. I have built computer for many years and never ever got a bad motherboard! The failure rate is really low and talking about bent pins then usually it is because of mishandling like turning a CPU the wrong way in the socket.
    People are just more likely to post reviews about faulty items than fully working ones.
  2. I would bet that 9.5 out of 10 motherboards that are shipped to the end user are good. I would also bet that 9.5 out of 10 motherboards that end users return because of "issues" are their own fault. I wouldn't be discourage about what you read on the internet, you're only looking at it under a 200x microscope, and not the whole big picture.

    Now, building one from scratch compared to buying a name brand pre-built depends on how much money you want to spend basically (well, also convenience is part of it as well). You're always going to pay a premium to buy it pre-built.
  3. Thank you both. That makes things much easier.

    One last question. Between Newegg and Amazon or local thru Best Buy, which is best and why?
  4. Here's my $0.02

    If you need the part immediately, then the local CompUSA or computer store is the best, if they have it on the shelf. Yeah you'll pay anywhere from $5-45 more for it, but if you NEED it Now, then there's no other option, is there ;)

    Outside of that scenario, I would find the cheapest price that includes shipping. I personally only and always use NewEgg. The reason I don't use Amazon is because you have to be a detective to figure out Who is shipping the product and where to find the information IF something goes wrong with the shipment. BestBuy just isn't a computer parts seller, so I only go there for PC games or a TV
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    I use Newegg all the time but really if you want to save money this is a great shopping tool
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