Matching ram to the motherboard questions

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I'm building a new computer with a i-5 3570k and a
biostar TZ77B mobo

biostar's web site only lists a handful of memory sticks that will be compatible with the mobo, with only a few being 4Gb sticks all from manufacturer's that I don't know as being very high quality (kingtiger, elixer, transcend). I would like to run 8Gb of memory.

I'm just wondering if I can only choose from that list or can I just search for other 1.5v sticks on new egg and not worry about it to much?

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  1. You don't have to stick with the list. Nowadays, memory is so standardized, that as long as you stick to the right specs, you'll be fine whichever brand you buy. Just make sure it's DDR3 1600 MHz (or higher if you want), and 1.5 volt.
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