3570k w/ gtx670; which mobo? Z77 V pro vs LX


So basically im building a new computer with a 3570k w/ gtx 670, 8gb ram, 256gb M4, fractal mini case n 212 evo as CPU cooler.

Gonna OC the 3570k to 4-4.2ghz and I just wonder what the differences between a Z77 V pro and a V LX would be?
I am aware of the number of esata / usb 3.0, wifi feature etc. but is there a performance difference which can justify the extra 100$ in my country?

I do not need the extra features, only it does increase the performance.

Cheers :bounce:
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  1. Just the V pro, right the comparison does not state anything about performance, so I assume it's the same or not?

    The only real difference if you do not consider pci, esata and so on is the LAN chipset, how big a difference is there between realteak n intel?

    Oh and is Fan xpert+ good enough or how is Fan xpert 2 vs that?

    Cheers so much for any answer.
  2. eseentially main differences:

    Pro supports higher frequency ram, usually negligable
    Pro allows for 8x/8x crossfire/sli, V-LX only supports 16x/4x Crossfire
    Pro has more 6gb/s sata ports
    Pro Has a slightly updated sound card built in
    Pro has more USB 3.0 slots
    Pro has more fan headers and other minor trinkets
    Pro is larger and has a display port
    Pro has wireless lan

    most important for overclockers

    pro has 12 phase cpu 4 phase gpu digital power design
    lx has a 4+1+1(the lx is almost essentially a low 100$ board at a higher cost)
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