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Radeon HD 6850 or 6870. (URGENT)

So i need to know whether the $30 extra is worth the extra fan and high core clock speed.

Need quick replies please because I'm ordering today. :)
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  1. get the 6870 nuff said.
  2. Well dont know how much u can trust benchmarks and such but here is an benchmark that should show you the aproximate differences .
  3. The 6870 is simply better then the 6850 for 30$ go for it.
  4. i know the 6850 OCs better though...this is a tough decision
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    yeah if 30 dollars only separates them then get the 6870,just like cia24 said, nuff said but if you need a little more evidence, the 6870s will oc too go for a non reference design, I used to have one that when oc'ed was practically a 5870

    personally I'd splurge the extra 30 or so give or take the rebate over that and get a 6950 2 gig and flash to a 6970 or close thereby, imo that is probably the best bang for your buck that exists in a single card and if you are going to spend 200 you might as well spend the extra 30 for the top tier card, my 2 cents
  6. t3chnique said:
    i know the 6850 OCs better though...this is a tough decision

    the max you can oc a 6850 to will give you 6870 performance. so 6870 is better
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