P8Z68-V Pro New Build Troubleshoot (Dual Boot + No HDMI Signal)

Hi guys,

This is my first build. So far I've externally installed...

-Mobo p8z68-v pro
-CPU (i7 2600k) and heatsink/fan (Hyper 212+)
-RAM (G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 16GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600)
-GPU Asus 570 gtx
-PSU Corsair 750w

Connected all the cables (24, 8 pin pci-e), connected my asus 24" monitor via hdmi to the 570 gtx.

Two sources of concern occur when I try to boot the mobo:

1. Lights come on (dram led is solid red), fans come on, after 10 seconds system reboots AND the fan on the 570 gtx goes crazy (really fast and loud)

2. Nothing comes up on the monitor, "HDMI no signal"

Things i've tried...

-took out the ram, rearranged, tried booting with dif. combinations/one stick of ram
-loosened the heat sink
-switched the asus monitor mode form vga to hdmi (so its definitely on hdmi)
-tried booting without 570 gtx, plugged hdmi into onboard port.

Basically, i'm not sure of a picture on the monitor is due to the system not booting correctly or an actual connection error. The dual booting seems to be a common issue but I can't mess around with the BIOS settings until the monitor starts working.

Is there a way and get a speaker hooked up with just a headphone jack so i can listen for beeping?

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  1. heeeeeeelp!

    is the ram not compatible maybe?

    what can i be doing to find the source of the problem?
  2. I'd really like an answer to this because I'm experiencing an identical problem.
  3. I sent back the RAM to newegg as defective, got 4 new sticks, then had to clear the CMOS and use the memOK function on my mobo to clear all the settings from the defective RAM.

    then it worked!

  4. to see if you have a bad stick, load in 1 stick at a time and try to boot it
  5. Did u solved the issue?
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