What is the difference and which is better? HD 6870s

So I figured out that my PSU and my video card both died so I'm replacing them both.

I am replacing that crappy Ultra LSP 750 PSU with this

And I can not get a HD 5850 or HD 5870 on Tiger Direct any more so I'm going to get a HD 6870 instead. I was wondering what the difference, other than the dual fans and additional features on one, was between these two as well as which was better.


Oh and if you can find a better card for no more than $20-$40 extra that'd be cool to. Also if you wanna know my other specs I'll let you know. I'm still filling out my profile so it's not there yet

Edit: I do plan on Crossfiring once I get the money for a second card. I forgot to mention that.

I might as well give you my specs now as well

AMD Phenom 2 X4 3.2 BE Not OC'd yet
4 gig Corsair XMS3 Dual channel (will be getting another 4 gigs when I get the card and PSU)
1TB Western Digital Caviar Black
HAF 912 case with 4 fans push-pull set up
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  1. I have done some more researching and I believe it is just the different coolers on it. I still don't understand why one is originally $30 more and it has only the single cooler... Oh well. One last question though. Would you recommend this or a GTX 560?
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    Can I suggest you these -

    That PSU will be enough even when you decide to crossfire. However, that motherboard is not good for a crossfire rig.
  3. It's not? Well that is a let down... Haha oh well. I had been considering those suggestions actually. The only reason I even considered the other PSU was the guy I spoke to who helped me figure out that my parts were dead mentioned a larger PSU because I had 2 expansion slots. I didn't think he was correct, but I didn't wanna fry anything else. Thank you good sir! That is only like 40 bucks more than my original total so I'll go with them. Thank you again!
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