Two Xeons on dual Socket vs Two I7 2600k

Hi, iam having a problem when it comes to find the best choice to build a workstation whos main purpose its rendering complex scenes generated on my work, and as you may know the market right know offer a lot of choice when it comes to build something but to be fair, with all this choices i want to be smart with my money, so to the point know

I have the option to buy Two Xeons x5650 and instal them on a Evga Sr-2, or, go for two separated pcs with a I7 2600k, as you all may know, the first configuration will alow me to overclock the xeons and raise the perfomance to finish the job faster, as so the i7 2600k with a similar configuration but another board.

So, should i go for a workstation that will at least cost me 3500 dollars, or go for those two I7 2600k cpus and save like 1500 dollars, those two xeons overclocked got on cinebench at least 15 o 19 points while one i7 2600 got bewten 7 and 9. Keep in mind that this pc will be used only for rendering, its his own purpose so if you can even suggest different configuration it will be very apreciated

PS: I apologize for my english, keep in mind that iam from Venezuela so anyway, thanks for your help!
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  1. The dual Xeon's will do a better job

    does your client value their time or $$ in the bank more?
  2. I think the Xeons would do a better job assuming you will have everything on SSD and/or RAID.
  3. You might read this about the new 3960.,3071.html

    I don't know anything about rendering but maybe you can see something in the review to offer an alternative.
  4. You get the single socket Xeons as well
  5. hi, thanks all for your answer.

    hugostiglitz, iam workin on a project with a bad deadline, so iam the client too, considering this i prefer to finish the job with a lot of time ahead that not reaching the target, ill assume i have to get the xeons

    pwnorbpwnd i was thinking the same

    DelroyMonjo i saw that review and i coulndt justify the price of a gaming cpu, when i saw the number in cinebench i start to doubt about it, but i confest i really wanted that cpu

    gnomio dont know, ill check for reviews to see if its a good idea

    anyway, ill let you guys a link to a couple of bench made ii to get you an idea

    Thanks for all your help
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