ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics v Geforce 6800 GT

Hello, I want buy a racing game(Ferrari Virtual Academy), the specs call for a Geforce 6800 GT or better, will a ATI Radeon HD 3200 on my laptop be OK?
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  1. No, that 3200 is about half as fast honestly. O.k well maybe not that bad but a 6800GT should be faster than your 3200 IGP. Even so, you might get it to run on the lowest settings. If your happy with it or not is another story ^_^
  2. First lesson in buying a laptop, get a bit over what you think you want to pay for it, because they are not upgradable easily. Paying $500 on a laptop that will not run what you want is a huge waste compared to paying $700 for one that will actually be useful. 3200 is no-where near the 9800GT.
  3. ^ he said 6800GT not 9800GT hang

    Anyway, the requirements say

    GeForce 6800 GT* or higher / ATI 9800 PRO

    Meaning it certainly likes ATI cards better. Of course, it's not like the FX 5000 series didn't have it's problems, but anyway.....

    The 3200 should be a little faster than a 9800 Pro (still slower than a 6800GT), but again you're going to be playing on the absolute lowest settings.
  4. Really though if you want to game get a laptop with some decent graphics. Heck, you may want to look at some the Llano Fusion laptops comming out.
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