GTX 470/560

I am in the process of building a sandybridge PC for FSX and wanted to know what the FPS difference would be between a GTX 470 and 560? I know the cost difference is negligible, so I just want to know which of the two cards is the better choice?
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  1. Assuming you are talking about the GTX 560 Ti here, here's a comparison -

    As it suggests, both cards run almost neck and neck. The GTX 560 Ti with its lower power consumptions, noise and heat is the better card here and the one to choose.
  2. Thanks. Yes, I'm referring to the TI version, but also how well do the two cards overclock?
  3. Like said above, the GTX 560 Ti can overclock easily to GTX 570 clocks thereby touching GTX 480's performance at reduced power draw and noise levels. Just get a card with a good custom cooler. MSI Twin Frozr editions are awesome.
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