Installation of lga1155 cpu socket problem

Hey guys, I searched for a place to post this and it seems as if this is the best place so...

I recently purchased an i7 2600k which came with a gigabyte p67x-ud3-b3 mobo

this is my first INTEL system. ( I have built an AMD system prior )

I'm having a problem with the metal harness (thats connected with the little lever) that maneuvers over the chip itself.

After looking at many videos around the web, it seems that the harness ( which moves over the cpu, sorry for repeating myself just trying to make it clear) is way too tight.

Its so tight that it started removing some of the paint on the left and right tiny flaps of the top of the cpu heat spreader.

Im sure it shouldn't be this tight.. so i didnt force it. I came here to get some help because im not sure what to do next.

Is it a problem with my mobo? Since this is my first intel build, perhaps i'm doing something wrong?

The chip only fits one way, with the notches properly fitting.

Any help is appreciated, thanks for reading

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    Your 100% sure your CPU is facing the right way? You shouldn't be damaging the CPU by putting it in right because it is slightly rectangular and my guess is if you have it in wrong you may have clearance issues that way. Just re-seat your CPU and be really really sure you have the gold arrow in the right spot.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    So i just ran across a vid and apparently what's happening to me is normal.

    There's a sound which is kinda bothersome when pulling down the lever to its proper position, sounds as if its grinding the top of the cpu. People are saying they're experiencing it aswell, and its normal.

    thanks again for bothering to post
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