New build...No OS installed on M5a99...OCZ SSD vertex 4... Dnld 1.5 firmware for update to USB pen dr on PNY 16gb... in EZ Mode... get 3 pic's at bottom of screen, 2 pics of SSD, 1 pic USB pen, but I can\'t get OCZ site to come up showing screenshots for firmware install...also how do I dnld ASUS 1208 & achi updates from ASUS site... USB pen dr does not show up on monitor...I read OCZ & ASUS forums... Is THIS A ssd issue or ???.... can someone lend some lite here?
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  1. You do not update the SSD from the UEFI bios anyway. You just have to set the pen drive to be your boot drive(assuming it has been made bootable).

    This said, Sometimes you have to set the SATA mode to IDE for the SSD firmware tool to see the SSD. Give that a shot, but remember to swap it back before loading windows or you will get a BSOD(blue screen of death).

    That said. If the firmware update is destructive, make sure you backup the data on the SSD first.

    You may be able to update the firmware on another system as well with the Windows utility(not always recommended, but it is an option.).

  2. Nuke...Gracias for the quik response... I will try your recommendations...
  3. I have latest bios updates from Asus...USB flash drive 1.5 update from OCZ is not recognized as their screen shots on site show...not sure what i missed...
  4. To make sure, this is what you downloaded?


    You should be able to flash the drive from another system in Windows.

    When you say you have the latest Asus bios, it is installed or just of the flash drive.

    If you have USB3 ports(normally blue ones), do not use this to flash the bios as not all systems will run files off the USB3 ports without an OS installed and running.

    Tell me exactly what you are trying to do(Flash the MB Bios or Flash the SSD firmware) and I will try to help you as best as i can.

    I can not get screen shots of the OCZ flash utility because i currently have no OCZ drives that i can access.
  5. Nuke...Tkx again...need to flash SSD Vertex w/ 1.5 firmware...went into Boot in bios on MB of the Adv Mode...I get no icon telling me the flash drive is recognized on screen for OCZ update...nor do I get OCZ screen shot as shown on their site...
    Try this link to see if it helps
  6. I will try to follow the instructions and see how it goes.

    That is an Asus board right?

    I just followed the instructions(Download zip,extract ISO. Use the pen drive software to put it on my flash drive) and used a boot override to boot the flash drive. Is that was you did?

    The little image in the bottom is just that it loaded, not that it loads in a corner or anything. Trying to save on image uploads.
  7. Yes ASUS MB...dnld OCZ 1.5 to flashdr... is that image in bott rt corner?...did not get the ASUS screen w/ the boot oride pic or that flash dr recognized on screen... what did I miss or skip...OCZ directions leave much to be desired...I am not that computer literate, but I was an English major in college or do I need to "Computerese"? TKx again...
  8. learn
  9. My MB does not display "Boot Overide" which should appear on screen below: in Adv Mode screen...

    Boot Option Priorities... in the Adv Mode displays this:
    Boot option 1 P1: OCZ-Ve
    " " 2 UEFI: PNY...
    " " 3 P5: ASUS...dvd rw

    >CD?DVD Rom Drive BBS Priorities
    >Hard Drive BBS Prorities

    Hope this helps...
  10. Change Boot option 1 to PNY USB drive and make 2 the OCZ-vertex.

    Try rebooting at that point(save and exit).

    If that does not work. i will try to come up with some better instructions.
  11. Ok, I did this and removed flash dr from USB... I now have only OCZ Vertex & Dvd RW

    What should I see after doing this on the screen? I could only do this in EZ Mode...
  12. The flash drive has to be in before powering the system for it to be detected as bootable.

    You have to leave it in. set it as first boot device then when the system reboots, it should boot from the the flash drive.
  13. Forgive me for not being clear, flash dr was installed prior to powering computer...
    Flash dr is not appearing on screen after EZ mode screen appears...
    Not able to select flash dr boot in Adv Mode...why?
    Been on OCZ & ASUS sites multiple X's & reread & looked at screen shots...
    Someone suggested possible MB problems???
    TKX Again
  14. When you boot the system and it is first showing either the Asus logo or system info before trying to boot windows. Try to TAP the F8 key a few times and see if you can get a boot menu(If you see your drive with a UEFI and non UEFI, try the NON UEFI).

    I will try to toss you a video or image set to see if anything has been missed.
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