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So, essentially I'm helping someone build a computer designed to run a botting program in an MMO. His goal is to have a machine that hums away and plays ~10 clients at once automatically. He's not planning to connect it to a monitor, and the quality of the gameplay (FPS) is irrelevant. However, I'm unsure about the graphics card. The plan is to use a Sandy Bridge chip, and he thinks the integrated graphics will be enough. However, I'm worried about a few potential issues:

1. If the GPU isn't powerful enough, will the games crash? Again, FPS is irrelevant as long as it runs.

2. If he's not connecting to a monitor, how exactly would I determine what is a powerful enough card?

3. If he can use the integrated graphics and isn't connecting to a monitor, could he use a P67 board rather than a Z68 board and still use the integrated graphics? Will integrated graphics on a Z68 board even work?

Thanks in advance, and I hope someone can help me. I like to think I'm pretty well-versed in computer hardware, but this is a situation I've never encountered before.
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  1. Am a little confused here. A video chip's (integrated or dedicated) main function is to feed signal to a monitor which then displays the information in the relevant format. If you do not need display then there is no point talking about a video chip/card.
  2. If he's not planning to connect it to a monitor, that's going to be an issue during setup and any troubleshooting scenarios.....
  3. So, essentially what you're saying is that he only needs a video card for the purpose of setting up the computer, etc, and that otherwise the video card is completely irrelevant?

    Makes sense, I guess. I was confused because I'm more used to working with typical gaming rigs in which I think of the graphics cards as performing calculations, but I suppose that without the need to output it would be irrelevant. Thanks.
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