Upgrade from 920 to 3930k?


i was just wondering if it would be worth upgrading from a Core i7 920 @ 3.8ghz to the 3930k. (note) im currently using 2 x GTX260 C216's in SLI.

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  1. If is just for gaming don't worth upgrading now. Wait for Ivy Bridge.
  2. True, i just want to play BF3 fairly good =) maybe if i bought a single GTX 580
  3. your graphics card is more limiting than your CPU at this point, the 920 is a fine processor imo
  4. It's not worth it. Just like sosofm said, wait for Ivy Bridge.
  5. get the 580, or wait till next gen, thats your choice really. Your CPU is fine.
  6. 680 and Ivy Bridge will be the next build i think =)
  7. Xdr ram on a nvidia card will be a expensive affair. Amd being paying rambus royalties for years so it will work them out a bit cheaper using it.
    The prices are going to drip soon were the 580s price is coming down more. Since it can smash any game in its path ill go for one rather than waiting another 3 months and docking up 500 to 600 usd for a faster card. Do we really need faster cards since the current ones are fast enough. And a 580 can max out everytime you throw at it
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