Intergrated graphics card to dedicatedand will it will have on my game

K about to buy a graphics card and i wanted to know if im already getting between 20-30 fps in a game already with an intergrated card like 6100, if i get a 5450 or a 220 gt would my fps go to at least a 50+. While playing the game my cpu is between 80-95% so im guessing im being bottlenecked by the graphics cardQuick answers plz
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  1. It would be helpful to know the brand of mb/cpu playing the game, the game being played, and, your chosen resolution before any such predictions/framerate extrapolations can possibly be made....
  2. Playing on the same settings, the particular game will surely get some boost. Cannot predict the exact magnitude though. As you might be knowing already, the HD 5450 and the GT 220 are best described as HTPC cards.
  3. 6100 nforce 405 mb and

    im using a athlon 3500+.

    The game runs on 1-2 cores

    And running a 1280x1080

    the game is dragon saga if anyone knows.

    the recommended by most people lowest graphics card should be 6600 on that game.
  4. A look at the Tom's graphic card hierarchy chart suggests that the upgrade from integrated 6100 to dedicated 5450 is massive (even more if you get the GT 220). So on that note, its worthwhile going for either one of them.,review-32183-7.html
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