Tips to enable super speed usb 3?

i cant see to get my usb 3 ports on my motherboard to state they are operating at super speed. currently under devices in windows and under "generic usb hub properties" they show up to be "operating at high speed" even if i have a hard drive external enclosure rated at usb3 speeds plugged in.

any tips? drivers all updated, enabled the ASMedia controller in motherboard too (asus M5a99X)
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  1. You need to install and use the following:
    1. Asmedia USB3.0 Controller Driver V1.14.1.0
    2. Disconnect ALL USB 3.0 Devices
    3. USB 3.0 Boost Full Package Version V1.00.05

    Turbo mode will work with any USB 3.0 device, but UASP only works with newer devices which support the feature.

    More info see ->
  2. ill give it another go around. thing is i did that. maxing out at 40mb/sec transfer rates. at least give me 100!
  3. If the USB drivers weren't installed properly then uninstall them in the Device Manager, unplug the USB devices, reboot, install the USB drivers, and lastly plug-in the USB devices.

    Now if this is for a USB Flash Drive then it might not improve the R/W speeds. USB 2.0 is maxed-out @ 60MB/s but the limiting factor is the device itself and the USB 2.0 or 3.0 Interface is not the bottleneck.

    USB 2.0 or 3.0 without UASP support have very inefficient queuing and in addition the file sizes and number of files impacts performance. For the most part I still prefer eSATA as best current and predictable solution for an external HDD.

    This article might help ->,3215-2.html
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