PSU good enough?

I will run 6950 Crossfire and OC.
Intel i5 2500K 3.3 CPU
8gb DDR3 Ram
ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z LGA 1155 Intel Z68 Motherboard
Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS Hard Drive
Sony Optiarc CD/DVD Burner

Is this PSU strong enough to power this? I get a combo deal at, that's why the PSU is that weak..
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  1. I wouldn't run 2x HD 6950s on it. Did you already buy it?
  2. No, but I am about to ...
  3. But, as I said, that PSU is included in the Combo I can buy on newegg, so I get an discount.
    Maybe go for an single Nvidia 580 instead?
  4. It doesn't matter how deep the discount is if it won't run your system. What are you comboing it with? I don't recommend that Rosewill unit under any circumstance, but you could try a single 580 on it.

    That's the combo :-)

    But, what's the best deal? invest in the PSU and get CF 6950's or one 580?
  6. Either way you need to invest in a good PSU, and CF 6950s will stomp a single GTX580.
  7. So...
    I added the PSU you recommended to my cart, but now I have 2 of em'..

    Yeye, Now i'm prepared for bf3 right ?
    Btw I am playing on an 42'inch 1080p res :-)
  8. But If i run a single 6950, do I need a PSU anyways?
  9. I'd skip that combo, you're getting a lemon of a PSU and some horrible antivirus software-- you're better off getting a good PSU and smaller combos for the same money.

    Start with something like that and you'll find you can build a higher quality rig for less than that combo you listed.
  10. Yes, you'll need a PSU and a high quality one at that. If you want to run a single card, this is the unit for you:
    I'd trust this thing over the Rosewill any day.
  11. Do I have to buy the Windows OS aswell?
  12. If you don't have a copy of it, then I would:) Are you going to be gaming?
  13. Yes, That is the main goal.
    Battlefield series.
  14. I like it, though I would bear in mind that that PSU won't be able to handle 6950s in CF.
  15. No, I am aware of that.
    Is it going to hande this build good?
    Because when needed, I will purchase another card, and PSU.
    Btw, Is it still possible to flash 6950's to 6970's?
  16. I don't know if that model can be unlocked, I'm leaning toward 'no.' But someone may have a hacked BIOS out there and there was something on the site about a switch on the card.
  17. I think maybe I'd rather buy the 570, cost's 60 dollars more..
    Is it worth it?
    I am not that experienced when it comes to this..
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