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I decided to upgrade my pc myself for the first time, although i do not have the necessary knowledge yet, so i'd like to ask for help ;)

I just bought Kingston Hyperx DDR3 16GB (4x4), 1600 MHz.
My mainboard ga-x58a-ud3r has 6 slots, and 3 of those were already in use when i bought this pc. They arein use by DDR3 2GB memory and when i startup it says the frequency is 1333 MHz.
When i opened up my pc i saw they were in slots 2, 4, 6 so i put the new memory into 1, 3, 5. But it isn't recognized. So i updated BIOS, cleared cmos, but the new memory isn't detected.

What should i do? Is the new memory compatible with the old one? Someone told i wouldn't be able to use 4 cards of 4gb and 2 cards of 2gb at the same time only 3 cards of 4gb and 3 of 2gb. Is it best if i just remove the 2gb cards and insert the 4gb cards in 1,2,3,5 slots, or can i use both 2 and 4gb cards at the same time?
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  1. You have a triple channel motherboard, so you either want to use 3 sticks or 6 sticks, not 4 sticks. You bought the wrong kit, you needed a triple channel kit.

    You can use 3 of the 2gb sticks with 3 of the 4GB sticks if they are the same speed, timings and voltage. Are they?

    I would return the kit for a triple channel kit or just use 3 of the 4GB sticks and sell the 2GB sticks.
  2. If the speed is the MHz number then they're not the same, damn :D

    I can't attach a picture, so can you check out page 16 here: And look at the 3-channel memory configurations table. There is "Four Modules" listed. Does this mean i can use 4 sticks?
  3. Of course you can use 4 sticks, but you'll be running in dual channel mode, not triple channel mode.
  4. ^+1 not likely to make that big of a difference. If you do heavy mem intensive apps - get the proper triple channel kit.
  5. But if i use just 3 it will run in triple-channel mode and it will be the same if i bought the right triple channel kit?
  6. ToniBaloni said:
    But if i use just 3 it will run in triple-channel mode and it will be the same if i bought the right triple channel kit?

    Yes. But you have to have them in the right slots for triple channel mode. Most likely the same colors.
  7. OK, Great! Thanx for the help, i'll do it like that then. I guess 12GB will be enough for now. And if i'll want to upgrade again, i'll buy a matching 3x3 kit :)
  8. Wait :) It says in the manual on page 16 under 3 Channel.... : When enabling 3 channel mode with 3, 4 or 6 modules... So i guess it can be done?!
  9. You cannot run triple channel mode with 4 sticks.
  10. Well, i installed the 4 sticks into 1,2,3,5 slots and it's working, maybe. I've got 16GB RAM now and CPU-Z say's: channels - triple, NB Frequency - 2159MHz, DRAM Frequency - 539.8MHz, FSB:DRAM - 2:8 so i guess there's something wrong?
  11. First it appears you got past the mix-match problems which was the initial problem. Below are the two options with a 4x_GB kit, my preference is the Dual Channel option between the two; because it's not really running Dual or Tri Channel with anything else regardless of what CPU-z says.

    Next on LGA 1366 the Defult is DDR3-1066 so you'll need to set the RAM's rated Frequency, CAS Timings and DRAM Voltage per the Kingston Hyperx Rated specs. I don't recommend using the XMP option and instead to set the RAM manually.

    EXAMPLE: DDR3-1600 9-9-9-27-2N @ 1.65v ; KHX1600C9D3K4/16GX -

    Load Optimized Defaults
    /If you were using AHCI before and Cleared CMOS ... ICH SATA Control Mode -> AHCI
    System Memory Multiplier -> 12 ; 12*133.33MHz = 1600MHz
    DRAM Timing Selectable -> Quick
    CAS Latency Time -> 9
    tRCD -> 9
    tRP -> 9
    tRAS -> 27
    Command Rate (CMD) -> 2
    DRAM Voltage -> 1.64v

    QPI/Vtt Voltage -> 1.20v~1.30v ; try at Auto but if you have any problems then set manually

    Save & Exit = Yes

    Lastly test the RAM and create a bootbale CD/DVD/Flash Drive of Memtest (ISO/zip) and run for at leat 4-pass or more; link -

    4xDIMM Configurations on LGA 1366/X58:
  12. Hey!

    Thanx for the detailed guide! When i enter BIOS Memory Settings i have Channel A, B and C Timing and Turnaround settings.
  13. I entered every thing you listed (for channel A, others are greyed out), but i can't do anything about DRAM and QPI Voltage, they're also greyed out.

    Can i do anything about that?
    Do i need to change any other thing in Timing/Turnaround/Other settings?
  14. Review your manual, start on page (39) ; PDF -

    First you want to go to the MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.) portion of your BIOS and then Advanced DRAM Features where you must change DRAM Timing Selectable (Auto) -> Quick, and for Voltages Advanced Voltage Control. In other words only modify the exact settings I posted above.

    The Channel A/B/C Turnaround Settings is NOT where you go.
  15. OK, yea it's clear now and i did everything as you said. Currently i'm running memtest and Pass is at 16%. That means everything is probably cool and i can esc?

    If i wanted to upgrade again and would buy 2 more sticks of the same memory then i would be able to have a triple-channel mode? Even if the memory is from dual-channel kit, right?
  16. Then you'll be mix-matching again and in essence an 'experiment' with more than likely different IC's. So bottom-line -- can it work then yes -- is it guaranteed to work then no. Even placing together (2) identical Tri Channel kit is no guarantee which is why there's 6xDIMM kits, and as the DRAM Frequency increases and or CAS Timings decrease the likelihood of a problem goes way up especially worst when you add both Voltage and Density factors to the mix.

    Now running DDR3-1066 CAS 8 then they'll probably work and chances are close to the same DDR3-1333 CAS 9, but as you exceed the CPU's (Rated) IMC Frequency it's like rolling the dice. In theory both your old + new RAM at DDR3-1066 'should' have worked together at Defaults. CPU: | new | old | new | old | new | old |
  17. Aha, i understand. If i'll need more RAM in the future i'll just change the whole kit.
    Thank you all very much for your help! One step is behind me now, but i'm getting another SSD in a few days ;)
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