Really could use some help (stuttering)

Hello everyone!

I'm having some serious stuttering issues while playing games on my PC that I built. I'll try to be as detailed as possible:

About 5 months ago I replaced my EVGA 9800 GT with a GTX 460. installation was painless and everything hooked up as it should. But, as soon as I booted up one of my games on steam, it started to stutter. This was strange because I could tell I was getting correct frame rate but it would stutter every second or two. I guess the best way to describe it would be to compare it to the stuttering that fallout 3 had on consoles. Its extremely annoying. I figured it must have been the card so I removed the drivers, used a sweeper, reinstalled the 9800 and started the PC back up. Same problem. All of my games were stuttering just as they were with the gtx 460. I then removed the 9800, uninstalled the drivers, etc. and installed my HD 5870. Same problem.

Today, I bought a new Hard drive (320 gb, 7200 rpm), 4 gigs of ram, a new 600 watt psu and a gtx 560 ti OC. I installed everything, did a clean install of windows 7 64 and freaking prayed that it would stop this stuttering BS. NOPE!

I've decided that this forum post is my last chance to try and get something figured out before I end up replacing my mobo and cpu. Please help me guys!


gigabyte mobo
4 gigs ram
gtx 560ti OC
600 watt psu
320 GB HDD, 7200 rpm
Phenom ii x4 955 black edition
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  1. Honestly it sounds like your motherboard to me. You've already changed the parts I'd suspect first.
  2. What "600W" PSU? Temps? Seeing as this is on steam, have you tried their defrag tool? I think its supposed to run auto, but just in case....
  3. My temps are normal and I run the defrag tool every time i install a new game. As for the PSU brand, its a Coolmax. I appreciate the replies. And yeah, it does seem like a motherboard issue to me also. I really hate the idea of having to go buy another board.
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