Monitor getting "No Input" with New 6850

Just built a new budget system last night. Literally got the ATI drivers installled 5 minutes before I had to leave for work. I installed them from ATI's website. I cannot get the monitor to work when plugged in through the 6850. It's going to drive me crazy all day while at work. I live a 2 minutes from work, and always go home for lunch, so i'll likely be spending lunch fixing this.

Any pointers on troubleshooting this? Never had an issue with installing gpus. It came bundled with a disc with drivers, but always have heard bad things, and to use online drivers. The card was made by HIS, so wonder if I should have used the disc instead of ATI website.
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  1. Unless it's some special edition card with a cautionary notice about drivers, you should be able to download the drivers from the AMD web site and use those just as you have.

    Do you get a video signal before windows loads?

    Does your motherboard have on-board video?
  2. the motherboard does indeed have onboard. As far as before windows loads, im not totally sure, didn't get a whole lot of time to tinker with it. if i plug the monitor into the 6850, the power button lights up on monitor, but after about 3 seconds goes back orange and gives me a No Signal message on monitor.
  3. When I had AMD cards some drivers just didn't work for me.
    Sometimes they release a hotfix patch that's hard to find on their site that is a full set of drivers for people who installed the standard drivers that aren't functioning on their machines.

    Also, the 11.6 drivers just came out yesterday, so they might not be entirely functional. I know people have had some degree of luck with the 11.4 drivers, so you should try to get your system functioning with these and then go from there:

    One utility you'll need when dealing with AMD drivers is Driver Sweeper.

    1) Use your on-board video and download and install driver sweeper.
    (my assumption is the video works through the on-board video at this point)
    2) Download the 11.4 drivers (link above), but don't install them.
    3) Uninstall the Catalyst Control Center using the 'Express Uninstall...' option.
    4) Reboot.
    5) Run the driver sweeper and check the ATI graphics and sound options to make sure they are removed.
    6) Reboot and then shut down.

    7) Plug the monitor into the 6850 and then turn the PC back on. Windows will give you generic drivers with big fonts when it loads. (my assumption at this point is you now have the big font video signal as described above plugged into the 6850)

    8) Install the 11.4 drivers. Reboot.

    Does it work?
  4. Yes, the onboard works, and i'll try this on my lunch
  5. Says driver sweeper has been discontinued and can no longer be downloaded
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