GA-970A-D3 Rev 1.1 boot loop problem

Hi Guys

I'm hoping one of you may have come across this problem before....

The Motherboard:: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 Rev1.1

Other System specs:: Windows 7 64bit, AMD 965 BE, 2 x 8Gig AMD RAM, 600W OCZ PSU and Ati HD7750.

The Problem: On startup, after POST, I get an UPDATING BACKUP BIOS TO NEWER VERSION message, the machine chugs away for a few seconds, beeps and restarts only to return to the same stage and going no further.

What I've tried: A bit of googling turned up results for similar issues but not specifically the issue I'm having. As a temporary workaround, unplugging the PSU and holding down the power button for 30secs then results in a normal boot-up and keeping the machine in sleep mode when not in use avoids the boot loop. I am not at all tech savvy but realise that this temporary solution is a little like dropping ice in the ocean to avoid global warming and sooner or later I'm going to have a real problem.

After having read Bilbat's sticky topic regarding Gigabyte boards it seems that I need to upgrade to Rev 1.4 which (according to the Gigabyte website) is the latest. HOWEVER, i have a couple of questions at this point:

1. How do I know if upgrading to 1.4 will fix the issue; I couldn't find any changelog on the Gigabyte site. Also, can I assume that I can go straight from Rev1.1 drivers to Rev1.4? The Gigabyte website doesn't mention if the drivers are cumulative.

2. I assume I need to be downloading and installing the CHIPSET driver and none of the others and not bother with any of the utilities I've never heard of......right?

3. Do I simply run the downloaded driver file from the desktop like a normal EXE? I've never had anything to do with the motherboard or BIOS and my usual PC problem attitude of see what happens and learn by doing seems a tad risky when dealing with the motherboard and/or BIOS.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated!

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  1. problem on your system is not very sure .. don't know if it is related to pcb revisions and require some upgrade on it.
    you can try some steps to clarify your problem first.
    bios version check could be the first step, always suggest to update to the latest one.
    if you get continuing crash just on POST, then there could be no driver involved yet .. but bios ..
    maybe there is some improper overclock settings in your bios already, please try to get back to optimized default .. and find the coms pin to do clearing cmos, you can remove cmose battery for 15 seconds to clear cmos as well.
    The bios in your motherboard may not catch up with the cpu or vga and need update, please do it first.
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