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Hi. I am thinking of building a new desktop PC. I have read some reviews and decided GTX560 Ti for GPU and Intel Core i5-2500 for CPU. Now i'm confused which motherboard should I buy. What would you recommend?
About the proccesor, I found that i5 2500K is better if you are planning to overclock it, so I chose the basic 2500 as I am not going for overclock. Is there a processor which suits GTX 560 Ti better? What would you recommend? I would also like to know how much RAM for such PC would be optimal. Also which power block and case should I choose for optimal power and cooling.
I have somewhere read that H67 motherboard would suit my choice Anyway looking forward to hearing your opinion.

P.S First post in this community :)

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  1. Go for a P67 or Z68 mobo with a second PCI-Ex16 slot for future upgrades. Ram 4-8gb of descent ram would be all you need however if u have more than 4gb make sure u use a 64-bit OS
  2. buy i5 2500k even u dont overlock it bcz its just a bit more then 2500 u have an extra optoin of overcloking in future i have done same buy 2500k with h67 and i will buy card in some time and using pc right now on intel hd 3000 graphics dont buy 2500 buy 2500k i am saying you again
  3. Ok. But really 2500K? Because I 100% won't use overclock as I want my system to work for about 6 years. Now how many Watts power block should I use? What Else excluding HDD and DVD reader/writer and case and Wireless adapter will I need for my PC? I am also not planning much upgrades. Max 4 extra PCI slots, so should I really buy the MB you mentioned? :)
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