Asus P9X79 WS...Solid Capacitors?

Hey Everyone,

I have a question out of curiosity, the P9X79 WS, board from asus....does it have japanese solid capacitors (looking for some solid guidance and link potentially on this) all the models below this have this, but they don't say anything specific for this board on (and cannot find any information on the net regarding this).

I am building a Pro tools audio Box, and the WS board was recommended, however having solid caps is important to me, I was considering the MSI BIG BANG II as they have solid caps at the same price point, if this did not include it, it didn't make sense to me that the cheaper boards would have this feature and the workstation board did not.

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  1. That would be the smallest thing that would bother me on this top mobo : )

    Platinum-level 92% power efficiency

    High quality materials and components include all Japan-made ultra long life solid state capacitors and very low resistance (Rds) MOSFETS for improved heat dissipation, lower capacitance (and thus greatly improved efficiency), optimized gate charge and extremely long component life cycles. Furthermore, by using a 2oz copper inner layer board design and exclusive DIGI+ VRM, the P9X79 WS Revolution is able to achieve 92% power efficiency, which helps users reduce their ultimate energy expenditure as well as peerless stability and reliability.
  2. So It doesnt have it? This motherboard is a top performer is many of the reviews i have read, and even recommended by many experts , i was mostly curious, as the X68 WS revolution boards have the 92% power efficiency, and solid caps. it would be wierd that they didnt include it in this board.

    I just found it weird how no reviews/specs even Asus site list japanese solid Caps, while they do for the other X79 boards.
  3. ... components include all Japan-made ultra long life solid state capacitors.

  4. Thank you! :D

    That is awesome! Can you tell me where you got that? I searched high and low and couldnt find anything :( Asus was very vague with this board,
  5. They list pretty much all the important info : )
  6. Awesome,

    Thanks man! and very quick too!!!
  7. Nothing to it : )
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