Am3+ mother board with pcie3.0 support?

hey ive been thinking of getting a i5 2500k for a while but i saw the bulldozer 8150 go on sale for about the same price. but i haven't seen any mother boards with pcie 3.0 support with the am3 socket.

i dont know if this is that big of a deal but i am getting a gtx670 so im wondering
A: is there any point getting the bulldozer 8150 over the i5 2500k? (i am thinking of over clocking to a mid range level)
B can you get a am3 moba with pcie 3.0 in the uk and if so could you link me to it?
C: dose pcie 3.0 even make a difference with this gen of gpus?

thanks in advance.
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  1. There aren't any AMD boards that support PCIe 3.0, period. That's an Intel 6 or 7 series chipset only thing, an even then, only with an Ivy Bridge CPU (so not with a 2500K).

    As to the question of whether or not it makes a difference? No, not with any single card, and not with most 2-Way setups either. It really only makes a meaningful difference in 3 or 4-Way SLI/CF setups.

    And, the 2500K is the better gaming CPU (by a pretty large margin, as I'm guessing that you know), but a 8150 will get the job done, as long as you have a good GPU to pair with it (which the 670 definitely is). That choice is up to you.

    Honestly, if I was buying today, I would get the 3570K over both of them.
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