WINDOWS 7 ---- Fire Wire to download Video

I have a Home built AMD System. ( Asus MB-Phenom 2-with 4 gigs of DDR 2)
Nothing that special and my first build.

Anyway, I have Windows 7 and Microscoft Office 10 and that's pretty much it.

I recently added a Firewire PCI Card and have had trouble trying to use it.

I have tried a few times now to download video from my Canon DV Camcorder to no avail.

My Camcorder shows up in printers and devices and makes a bong sound when I attach it to the fire wire cable attached through the Firewire port, but i can't get the system to download the video .

I don't have video editing software installed but doesn't windows 7 have some kind of utility to download dv video via firewire?

Thanks alot.....
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  1. I havent ever used firewire
    but if its showing as a drive , then open the drive and try cutting and pasting to the destination folder
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