CPU won't function properly if not installed properly right?

I noticed a crunching when I closed the load lever on my i5 2500k 2 weeks ago when I built it and it's now killing me from the back of my mind.

I did some research and i know there should be a crunching noise, but I keep hearing about people not lining it up correctly.

My cpu has been working fine without issues oc'd to 4.5ghz for 2 weeks, so i probably lined it up correctly right? I know I put the arrow pointing the right way, but the slot in the mobo is only big enough for the cpu to fit perfectly right? there's no sliding it around to line anything up?

I just want to make sure for peace of mind. It's probably a stupid question since I think the cpu wouldn't even function if it wasn't lined up correctly.
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    The CPU has notches on the sides which makes it impossible to put in incorrectly. On top of that, there's a small corner "cut out" which also makes impossible to install the wrong way. There's also the smart-man's approach which involves carefully looking at the pin arrangement on the motherboard and CPU and lining it up through simple angle adjustment calculations (sines, cosines, and tangents not required).
  2. If you were able to reliably overclock your system, it is working properly.

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  4. Thank's so much for the quick reply, it really puts my mind at rest haha. I guess it's just my ocd-like personality kicking in.
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