Crash, harware failure?

Hi, first of all this might not be the right section, but I spent some good minutes looking for a "general section" of some sort, couldn't find one.

My computer crashed showing that screen ^ and it's the second time it happens, both times it happened after I closed a game. I was thinking it could be some sort of RAM failure or something related to the graphic card, but I honestly have no clue.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bits
CPU: Intel Core2Quad @2.6
GPU: PoweColor Radeon HD6570 2GB

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Remove GPU uninstall the video driver if u have iGPU.

    Install the GPU driver again.
  2. Looks like GPU went banana...
  3. BTW, can u get in the Safe mode?

    Keep pressing F8 button during the BIOS start up.
  4. Oh wow I forgot about this, went out for vacations for around a week and just got a mail reminding me this. Sorry.

    Well catalyst found an update and after installing it I haven't had any problems (yet) though before I installed the update I started to get BSOD, sadly didn't manage to get specific info other than "DRIVER-IRQL-NOT-LESS-OR-EQUAL". I disabled automatic restart of BSOD so if I manage to get another I'll copy all the info it gives.
  5. No more BSOD but this happened again at least 3 times more, but now I noticed when exactly does it happen. Two of three times happened after I closed my game, but on all three times I tried to use the keyboard to type something in the browser. I was able to use the mouse without problem and even open/close programs, but as soon as I tried to type something everything froze like it happened in the image, could this be a keyboard issue then? And if so, why does it only happen after the RAM (and virtual memory) was heavily used?

    Oh and just to clarify, after the freeze I can force-restart my PC and everything works fine again, so it doesn't lock me out.
  6. had the same problem. I suspect it occurs when the OS attempts to use an amount of RAM and virtual memory greater than it can access (about 3.5 GB for 32 bit OS). Try reducing your virtual memory size and report effects.
  7. To provide an update (and probably closure) of this, the cause was/is the anti-cheat rootkit of the MMO I play, HackShield.

    The cause is -probably- windows moving one of HackShield system files (EaglexNT.sys) to the virtual memory, somehow crashing the system after I close the game. This fixed by itself by upgrading my RAM and depending less on virtual memory.
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