A6-3650 Questions (in depth)

Hi All, I've been looking at the AMD A6-3650 and have some questions about the CPU... or APU...

First of all, it's rated with a cpu mark of 5190 which is pretty dang high for only $110. My first question is, why the heck is it so high?... is that score a reflection of the CPU's power alone, or is that the CPU AND APU combined?

Second question is, they advertize this product as having the ability to enable dual graphics support combining a discreet video card with the internal APU's graphics. My question is, WHAT discreet video cards are compatible with the 3650?... obviously it'd have to be AMD, but if I have an HD 5550 1GB, will that work? or no?

Thirdly, if I'm looking to invest in a motherboard and a CPU, do you believe that the FM1 socket is going to be used in the future or should I grab a AM3 motherboard that will have more upgrade support in the future...

I know I asked like 3 questions in one thread. Just trying to understand the latest CPU's
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  1. I can answer the 3rd question, theFM1 socket will only be for the current range of APUs the next generation APUs will be FM2 and next gen CPUs should be AM3+ but not 100%.
  2. The AMD A6 is an APU which means it has a CPU and a GPU built inside of it. The CPU itself is a decent CPU, but the real juice with the A6/A8 line of APU's is a very excellent graphics core.

    At $110 the llano APU is actually a very good deal considering you get a decent graphics core, and a decent CPU.

    It's somewhat hard to explain everything so I will link you a page which will answer all of your questions:


    As for deciding between FM1 and AM3 - FM1 is somewhat of a low end to midrange platform. AM3 just gives you more high end options.
  3. That makes sense, I really don't have the money for an incredible gaming rig. However, perhaps I should add, part of why I'm asking all these questions, is because I already have a discrete video card (an HD 5550 w/ 1GB)... would u consider the card obsolete now? and do you think the APU of the A6 is probably stronger than my discrete card anyway?...

    One of the coolest features I've seen on the AMD APU's is their ability to utilize their integrated graphics WITH a discrete video card (if it's the right type)... very cool
  4. For GPU performance look @ http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/45050-amd-a6-3650-llano-apu-review-20.html

    The ones that will interest you will be native A6 performace against A6+IGP+HD5550.

    An A6+IGP+5550 will make a nice little system that will play games, but not at staggering framerate and graphics details
  5. I believe the graphics core in the A6 3650 is equivalent to a desktop Radeon HD 5550 or close enough. Not 100% sure if the Radeon 5xxx series is supported by Hybrid Crossfire, but if it is then when combined you should get performance that is slightly better than a Radeon HD 5570.
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