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$750-$800 1st gaming build

Last response: in Systems
August 19, 2011 8:51:24 AM

Alright I'm a newbie at building computers and i need some ideas for a good gaming build around $750 to $800. I would like it to be able to play most games out there like "Starcraft II" "TF2" "Portal 2" and lot more, and have at least 8gb of ram. I also plan on doing some Video/picture editing but i don't think it will take much for that. Here are some components i got/want in my build

CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k LGA 1155 ($179.99)

VideoCard: XFX Radeon HD 5770 1Gb ($25) from a friend

Hard Drive: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB

I would really appreciate any help thanks. l8r
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a b 4 Gaming
August 19, 2011 3:06:16 PM

NO! on that Coolermaster PSU, described by HardOCP as a "polished turd in a box:" (see Paul's Thoughts).
For 25$, a HD5770 is an outstanding deal; you've lost very little if it turns out to be too weak. If you were buying new, I'd suggest a HD6850 or GTX560 instead (Blizzard games seem to favor nVidia), but for that price, go for the HD5770. If it turns out to be too weak, the amount of improvement you want will suggest more precisely which card to get, then you can probably sell it on eBay for more than you paid.
a b 4 Gaming
August 19, 2011 3:38:23 PM

Hah Corsair, what a joke. A company that rips people off for the name.

Lepa 850w 80+ Brnze, modular, same efficiency as the 650HX same price, 200 more watts and after MIR cheaper (if they honor). Lepa is new but it should be Enermax's house brand now (Enermax a very well known PSU competitor that makes their OWN PSU's unlike Corsair [CWT+Seasonic]) Though not all Lepa is made by Enermax (the lower end like the 850 is made by Sirtec) it's still just as good. 850

As for the non-modular.

Now OP, only get these if you plan to Crossfire or SLI. The games you're playing doesn't require you to have crazy GPU performance, a 5850 can handle TF2 + almost all Source Engine games (Source ME) At 1680x1050 MAXED out with all the little things like AA/AF. Though for TF2 and CSS it depends on the amount of players and maps, usually not a problem though +100 FPS.

I think CF would be the best route, 5770+5770/6770 that'd give you a 5870/6870 in essence and perform very well. Though in Blizzard games don't expect a performance increase, not a problem though, Blizz games are low requirements .

EDIT: An error on my part. Enermax makes most of the units. But some are made by CWT and Sirtec. Both aren't bad but just saying, not made by the actual name brand.

Oh here's Corsair for you Corsair fanboy.
Interesting 1 unit isn't made by Seasonic or CWT.
August 20, 2011 6:36:25 AM

Well thanks all of you for you're input. I feel like I need to be more clear with what i want to do for this build. I have no initial plan to Crossfire any videocards. I do plan on overclocking my processor so i would really appreciate some recommendations for a good motherboard that won't give me hassle when over clocking a Intel i5 2500k sandy bridge.
Right now I'm not really worrying about the PSU mainly cause I want to get my list of components before i figure out what PSU I need. I also would like some Recommendations on what Heatsink fan i should get. If some people can help me with these things i would really appreciate it. thanks