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My boss want's me to setup a network share at work.

We have 2 windows 7 X64 computers and one Windows Xp Computer

He wants it setup so the xp computer has the printer and wireless
router hooked up to it to remove clutter from his office

will windows 7 access an xp share?

How would I set this up.

Thank you for your time.
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    Use Windows Networking Wizard and have a close look at the instructions that came with the printer (full manual may be on CD or at maker's website).

    Though Win7 does some clever stuff with firewall security, I'd disable the Windows firewall (and any other) on both machines until everything is working. Use Windows Help if you get stuck. Do a Google search for Microsoft's tips on setting up a mixed Win 7 and XP network.

    Check this out as well:
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