Building a Gaming/Home Computer

Core i7-960 $302

Sata Blu-Ray Writer Pioneer $122

Asus P6X58D=E $215

Kingston SV100S2 128G $200
Seagate SATA3 1T $59
Seagate SATA3 1T $59

2G 6970 Asus $368

DDR3 12G kit $Gx3 $119

Coolermaster Gladiator RC-600 with PSU $104

Corsair CWCH60 H60 cpu cooler $102

3m V1.3c HDMI-HDMI M-M Cable Ritmo $24

undecided on 120mhz monitor or 3d tv

I do have a Xonar soundcard and zz5500 logitech speakers 5.1 already

Just wondering if there is anything else at all i'm missing in this list to complete my gaming system?... I'm not 100% confident with building but i'll enjoy but knowing there can be hardache if i get it wrong.

Please let me know if there is anything to help my gaming experience.
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  1. other option for gaming :
    get SB i5 2500K / i7 2600K for game use mobo P67 / Z68
    PSU from XFX / Seasonic / Corsair / Antec / OCZ and don't use PSU from stock Case !
    cooler Hyper 212 is OK
  2. I won't be looking to OC... and another question due to the cpu is it worth the $100 difference 2500 to the 2600.

    And if i buy the case alone atx cases are all universe right?
  3. Alright the hyper 212+ i've switched on the list for my cooling which will save me quite a bit. Antec 900 Nine-Hundred Gaming Tower without PSU...

    Antec EarthWatts EA-750Watt. PSU to put in that antec case. About the cpu i just need it to be able to last and handle future graphic cards. So i can keep things on ultra maxed out settings.
  4. anyone recommend z68 monitor which handles 16gb & sli...
  5. Asus z68 mobo

    For the psu, I'll also recommend a few alternatives for you. Some a bit more pricey due to better quality and others due to the fact that it's recommended a lot and got stellar reviews from good websites.

    Corsair tX 750 v2

    Corsair TX 750M

    XFX Pro 750
  6. Ive put Corsair TX-750 ATX Power Supply Unit on the list... and i have put 2600k for 20 dollars more who knows i may want to tweak up a bit.

    For motherboards Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 looks impressive but if theres better suggestions out there i'll go with that. I want to get the most ram possible and be able to do sli... this motherboard seems to do all of this.

    hmm is there anything else im possibly missing to make this computer function? .. I'll be getting windows 64 bit and be putting it on one of the seagate drives and be putting games on the ssd... in my head it sounds it could work
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  8. The 2600K and the 2500K are 0.1 Ghz apart at stock. For gaming they perform almost identically as they both overclock to about the same levels. The 2600K gives you bragging rights, an 'i7' in front of the number, and hyperthreading. Hyperthreading isn't needed for gaming as 4 threads is enough.
  9. <----- If you don't mind, please copy and paste this on here so we can cut right to the chase :)
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