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I got a budget of ~$300 and I wanna upgrade my AMD Phenom II X3 710 + 4gb of DDR2 (over clocked to 3.0ghz) system, Im gonna keep my 9800GT for the time being (I know but it still runs it acceptably at 1600x1050) until I get a 6870 at a later time, but first things first.

What would be the best CPU+Mobo+Ram combo with a $300 to spare? Or should I just keep it and get a 6870 to play 1080p on Medium settings?
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  1. Just get the 6870 it will improve performance more than any CPU upgrade.
  2. Thats looking like the cheaper and more effective avenue, but in future upgrades, should I ditch the AMD platform and replace for Intel i3 route (i5 just isn't in my budget) or slowly (budget wise) upgrade to AM3+ mobo /w DDR3 ram to keep my Phenom II alive until Piledriver (hopefully its good) comes out?
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    your cpu is more than enough for today's games and should be good for atleast another year. like simon12 said picking up a 6870 would be more than enough to run bf3 at 1080p
  4. I agree there is no point in spending money on an i3 it is better but not massively keep hold of your current CPU until something like the 2500 performance wise is affordable to you.
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