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Quiet gaming mouse?

I play video games in the same room that our TV is in. Not too bad for WoW, my keyboard isn't too loud and I use headphones.

Getting ready for D3 - I have a cheap mouse, and assuming there is as much clicking required in this game as there was in D2, my wife is going to kill me when she is trying to watch TV while I'm playing.

Can anyone recommend a decent gaming mouse that isn't too loud (or do all mice click really loud? I've never invested in one of the $80-100 gaming mice before, I'm not sure if they are quieter than my $10 microsoft one)

Any suggestions are welcome!
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  1. I don't know about anyone else but I've never heard a mouse click even a little but then I use a KENSINGTON Trackball which I find to be superior to a mouse in every way including games.
  2. I have a $30 Logitech wireless mouse with the transmitter wired to USB. The left and right buttons don't click at all and the scroll wheel is very quiet.
    I'm a minimalist. People who spend big bucks on a mouse and/or keyboard are just waaaay overcomplicating things. Like that Mad Katz $90 mouse, and it's freakin' wired! Probably the same person who bought an Antec Skeleton 'case' for $150.....
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    Very good mice.
    The G400 is the new MX-518 and is a great value.
    I have a first gen MX-518 and it's over 8 yrs old and still used daily.
    The Deathadder is very nice too i have one it's very quiet.
    I wouldn't pay the Newegg price at the moment though it's worth $50 all in tops.
    The G500 is another excellent mouse.
    Improved Deathadder 3500 model.
    Razer DeathAdder Black Edition 3500
    Logitech mice are the best in my experience for build quality and reliability.
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