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Does raising Core Voltage increase heat HD 6850

im using a Sappire Hd 6850 Toxic 820/1100 (stock)

Im currently at 910/1200

i was wondering if i increase my Core Voltage does the card get hotter as a sign of it working?

Provide screenshots of your specs so i can see
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  1. If you increase the speed it is obviously gonna become hotter.
  2. yeah it definatley will, personally I do not like increasing the core voltage and I would say that 910/1200 is pretty good for stock volts, just make sure you monitor temps...
  3. Yes. More voltage equals more heat. Even if you do not increase the core speed.
  4. Yes as the guys said it will increase heat regardless if you oc or not oc.Generally by increasing voltage you can achieve a higher and more stable overclock(if you know what you are doing).
  5. im tryna push to 1k for core havent had artifacts yet so we shall see. And what would u define as stable. No artifacts, no ridiculous heat, crashes, etc.
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    heat = power - work done. for the most part, more power = more heat

    power scales linearly with clock rate, so 10% high clock rate = 10% more power.

    power scares with the square of the voltage, so a 10% increase in voltage is a 21% increase in power
  7. have fun ruining your 6850 no just kidding but sometimes the extreme oc's are not worth it imo... why not just buy a faster card to start off with if that is the performance you desire? either way make sure you know what you are doing and good luck
  8. as long as your don't overheat your chip and you stay under +10% voltage, it's nearly impossible to ruin it from overclocking. Unless you have an nVidia chip with a weak vrm
  9. yeah there are have been plenty of boards throughout the years from both sides with poor vrm cooling, but you are right about the moderate voltage tweaking
  10. Well its core temp runs between 50-60Max now running at
    1.2 V 1000/1200
  11. nice now test for long term stability and let us know if you have any crashouts
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