2nd Motherboard failure... PSU?

I suspect my PSU is defective. I'm not 100% sure about this but I quickly turned off the psu after my computer shut off and I think I saw a blue arc somewhere around the PSU and motherboard through the side panel window as I switched it off.

I've always heard noises coming from around the PSU but I suspected it was vibrations but now that I think it actually sounds like static or shorting (or maybe coil wine).

about 30minutes before it went off I heard a weird noise which I think may have come from the speakers, I played an audio file and the sound was ok. but the spark (I think I saw) was around the area of the onboard sound card as well (what I'm assuming is the onboard sound anyway)

Maybe I should change my sound system as well as i'm using a £20 surround sound system from asda (also known as walmart) and that could also be causing a static build up if there's some kind of electrical leakage, maybe? lol

I also think the amount of plugs I have plugs in on extension isn't helping (allot are turn off when i'm using my computer). most of the time I'm running my monitor/TV (rated at 79watts) 2 external HDDs (one 250gb not sure what brand and a 500gb WD) my computer (probably about 200-300watts maybe less since I was just browsing) and my surround sound system (with the sub turned off). this is on 2 plugs split into 12 plugs :S (my old computer has been running with this setup for 5 or more years)
The things I have turned off are - External HD-DVD drive, Xbox 360, PS3, Old computer. (9 total occupied plugs, although one 1>4plugs is used to reach my PC as well as powering the 500gb external HDD)... I don't really have many walls plugs in my computer/gaming room.

Oh I forgot to mention, there is no activity what so ever when I press the power button (no fans spin or PSU ect "this was the same as before and a motherboard swap now seems to be a temp fix..) NOTE: I've also tested the PSU after unplugging all components and it spun up (this is just to verify to people "the PSU is working")

CPU-Z - http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2383676

I hope the company treats me good as I had problems RMAing my old MB and waited nearly 1 month for a replacement (and that was after I submitted a terrible review on trustpilot I might add "after that it was sorted in 2 days")

Thanks in advance for any help! :D
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  1. I forgot to say, the PSU is a Corsair TX 650.

    Personally I'm always weary about PSU upgrades... it's one of the reasons I'm put off upgrading the 250 watt OEM PSU in my Acer to run a more powerful GPU.
  2. Do you think this is a PSU fault? (like bad voltage ripple) Please somebody answer :(
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