ASUS P8 Z77-v Pro

Board is working ALMOST flawlessly. Accept that all USB ports (including 3.0) are giving extremely slow and jittery transfer speeds. The only device I have that gives somewhat good speeds (around 30 Mb/s) is an old Seagate 250g portable hard drive. It'll carry those speeds on a 3.0 port, but won't function at all on a 2.0 port (it's a 2.0 device). All of my USB sticks (including one that is 3.0) are giving terrible transfer speeds. Always less than 10 Mb/s.

All this has been true across multiple Windows 7 Ultimate installs, a Windows 8 install, and a Ubuntu install. So I'm beginning to think it's an issue with the board.

I'm going to upload an image of my USB driver setup, could anyone who has a proven working version of this board please tell me if they're drivers look like this?
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  1. It could be the security / antivirus that is slowing it down.
    But, I would get a different brand motherboard.
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