Enphase Micro Inverter Solar PV installation

I have a new Solar PV installation consisting of 27 panels w/Enphase Micro Inverters. The Micro Inverters send output information to a centralized monitoring unit over the neutral of AC conductor.

Since this install my Belkin WiFi reception is crap. I used Cisco Expert Spectrum SW and see a -30dbM SNR on channel 6. I changed channels to 11 and still have Wifi connection issues. Anyone else run into problems with Enphase Micro Inverter installations, and what was your fix?
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  1. Anything which uses the AC system to transmit data can be a menace -- e.g. Homeplug mains ring networking adapters -- so I'm not too surprised. I'd contact the Solar people and ask if their equipment meets the current Broadcast Authority (FCC for example) standards and whether have a less toxic alternative way of monitoring.
  2. I agree regarding trasmitting data via AC system.

    I did find that Enphase Micro Inverters transmit via 144KHz, my PG&E Elect & Gas 'Smart-Meters' transmit via 450-470MHz and 902-928MHz respectively.

    Not being an RF Engineer I was curious how these frequencies might affect, if at all, my 2.4 & 5.8GHz WiFi noise floor and SNR as they are clearly outside my WiFi frequency channels. Cheers.
  3. Sorry, missed your point about "Homeplug mains ring network adapters". Can you explain please?
  4. palajacw said:
    Sorry, missed your point about "Homeplug mains ring network adapters". Can you explain please?

    These are infernal devices designed to plug into power socket and use the electricity cables within the house to carry network data. Only trouble is unless your home wiring is compatible they just don't work. And the cheaper ones seem to generate enough noise to be audible on a hifi system -- and in some cases to pollute the neighbours' power circuits as well.
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