Unlocking the fourth core in the Athlon II X3 455

Hey all.

I've been doing some research the past few days about the hidden 4th core in the Athlon II X3 455 and I wanted to ask directly.
I want to test this and see how well it runs and how much of a performance gain I get, but I'm aware of some of the risks about it, specifically defective cores.

I have currently a stock cooler, 560W power supply and Athlon II X3 455 (triple-core processor), I'm willing to do this, but I'm worried about permanent damage, I've heard you can simply relock the core to fix issues, is this true? I'd really like if someone could help me out, it's very tempting to try this.
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  1. X2.
    My 445 unlocked but was not 100% stable, even with cpu voltage boost, so It went back to stock settings and has been running fine for nearly a year.
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