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What are some really good graphics cards that will run on a EVGA x58, i've got a 9800gt currently but want to upgrade and give that to my borther. Any ideas?
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  1. Any PCIe card will work. If you are looking for a recommendation, the AMD 78xx and 79xx cards have leap-frogged past Nvidia for now in price/power. Brand hardly matters. But by the time you buy, I'm sure Nvidia will claim the lead again. And then AMD, and then Nvidia...
  2. I was thinking maybe a 570 or 580, but wanted to hear other suggestions since I've really only use Nvidia since I started about 4 years ago and sorta stayed away for some reason or another. Would the 78xx or 79xx be much better than the 570 or 580 from Nvidia?
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    I'd recommend a GTX 660 Ti instead, if you want to stick with Nvidia. It's about on par with the 7870.
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  5. Went with the GTX 660 Ti. Thanks everyone.
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