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Hi, im very frustrated, ive searched the net for hours and cant find solutions and dont know where to go or what to do anymore and it seems like people here know something about it so i thought maybe someone can help me.

I have just bought Samsung 46" 3D LED-TV UE46D6755 and i want to connect it with my pc, i have nvidia gtx 260 graphic card. I want to watch movies from my computer on my tv. My problem is that on the pc i can find the tv easily, but it just wont give image output from pc to the tv. I use DVI-HDMI from pc to tv cus my graphics card dont have hdmi. Its connected to "HDMI1(DVI)" port in the tv cus the tv manual tells me it has to be that port used for dvi, but when i try to choose that port as source its just greyish u know when u can see it but cant press it. I dont know what to do, ive tried different changing resolution in nvidia control panel but just cant get it to show. I really hope u can help me.
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  1. Stay with me. I used ATI my whole life. But I think I can help you. As I had a similar problem.

    Alright, on your GPU control panel, detect your connected display. You should see your first display (probably your monitor) and your 2nd display (your TV). If you do not see your TV display, there should be a detect button on the control pane. Now on the second display, disable it completely. Restart your computer then, duplicate the display (show what is on your original monitor) or extend it (use it as a 2nd monitor). Make sure you duplicate it or extend it through the GPU control panel, do not do it through the Windows display settings, you have to do it through your Nvidia control panel.

    I have a similar problem, the problem was I was duplicating or extending the display through Windows 7 display settings. Once I did it on my ATI Control Center, everything worked like a charm.

    Before you do this, I would download your latest driver for your graphics card for the Nvidia website.

    And make sure all your plugs and cords are properly connected before you start the process.

    Let me know if this works. Good luck, I hope you get it.
  2. I have an easy fix for you. Most HDTV's don't support 1920X1080 via HDMI when connected to a PC, because the PC is smart enough to know the manufacturer lied and the panel isn't actually 1920x1080. Either buy a "Large Format Display" which is essentially an HDTV made to be used as a PC monitor. Or dumb down the resolution to something your panel can handle. Set your PC's screen resolution to 1024x768, dualview/clone display. Once you have an Image on the TV screen you can modify for extended display, and increase the resolution. Just as an FYI HDCP is not supported in any form of clone/twin display setup, so no blueray on two screens at the same time =(
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