TV cant find pc dvi-hdmi

Hi, im very frustrated, ive searched the net for hours and cant find solutions and dont know where to go or what to do anymore and it seems like people here know something about it so i thought maybe someone can help me.

I have just bought Samsung 46" 3D LED-TV UE46D6755 and i want to connect it with my pc, i have nvidia gtx 260 graphic card. I want to watch movies from my computer on my tv but there is something not right with the pc-tv-handshake. My problem is that on the pc i can find the tv easily, but it just wont give image output from pc to the tv. I use DVI-HDMI from pc to tv cus my graphics card dont have hdmi. Its connected to "HDMI1(DVI)" port in the tv cus the tv manual tells me it has to be that port used for dvi, but when i try to choose that port as source its just greyish u know when u can see it but cant press it. I dont know what to do, ive tried different changing resolution in nvidia control panel but just cant get it to show. I really hope u can help me.

Regards, Lars Haahr
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  1. Right click desktop -> Personalize -> Display settings -> Drop down box, find your hdmi-tv.

    If you cannot get to the desktop while looking at your blank tv, then I have no clue. I'm sorry but the solution I listed above should be correct.
  2. Ive been there time and time again, and i find the tv and select it and all. But as i wrote my tv doesnt recognize any output from my pc so i cant select the hdmi port used.
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