Major display issues MOBO or??

Hi there,
New member, though I have often gotten help from your forums. I have recently experienced a big problem with my system. The monitor(s) show everything solarized..all the time. First, what I have.

i7-930 not overclocked
azus sabertooth x58
12G ram
evga -gtx460 gpu/replaced with evga gtx560ti
3x 1tb drives
haupage collosus-hd dvr.
built by syx, has worked perfectly until this problem started.

The problem is the computer only displays a solarized image (where the colors are all screwy and plain wrong ie. black is pink...etc)
This occurs from the minute the monitor comes on, throughout bootup and into windows.
There are no boot issues, in fact, outside of this issue, everything is working as it should.
I thought maybe the gpu was bad and replaced it. No change.
I have updated the bios, thinking it was the mobo bios, no change, and it seems to work fine after, ie it boots into windows without issue.
I have checked the voltage on a few of the empty taps on my power supply and they seem ok.

There were no updates, or changes or hardware added prior to this issue, we did have an earthquake, and did have a power spike, but the computer wasn't on, the backswitch was on, it is also on a surge protector.

At this point I suspect either the mobo or the cpu, just not sure where to start. To make things more problematic the mobo is no longer available. Any and all suggestions are welcome. This occurs even when the gpu drivers are removed
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  1. have you tested it with more than one connection vga/dvi/hdmi? have you tried another monitor or display?

    my brother had an issue like this and the monitor had somehow had the red color set to the highest, I reset the monitor to defaults and fixed the issue
  2. I haven't yet, though I did test two different gpu's out of dvi out on two different monitors, with no luck. This system worked perfectly up until this happened. I didn't change anything for this to happen. All color is now 256 and opposite, ie solarized. As far as I can tell it's either a cpu or mobo issue now.... ugh

    Tomorrow I'm going to attach a tv production field monitor to the hdmi out on the gpu and see if that's any different, though I doubt it. Maybe just the dvi is messed up but who knows, I'd rather not run both monitors off of hdmi, but I am capable now since I have two gpu's.

    Just because I was wondering if I would get any bsod's I ran both BF-bad company2 tonight, and Premiere CS5 (video editing program), just to see if there where any problems....outside of having a really bad time of making things out, they both ran and worked....although in this 256 color solarized theme...

    In these kinds of instances would the cpu or the mobo be responsible for video integration without the card? My mobo does not have integrated video
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