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hello, Last year I did something stupid. I was on a budget and I was at bestbuy during a sale. I picked myself up a Asus computer. I was looking to use it for a gaming machine so I also bought a ATI 5770hd. Now realizing at the time that the stock PSU wasn't going to be able to handle the card. I didn't have enough money to buy a decent PSU online. So I used my bestbuy card and bought the most affordable PSU. Which at the time was a Rocketfish gaming 600w peak, 500w continuous PSU. I realize now it was a stupid mistake.

Anyway. Now I'm upgrading my CPU to a Phenom 2 x4 965. Will this PSU do the trick? or am I not giving my PC enough power?

I never had any problems with my current x2 220 regor 2.8ghz cpu and my GPU with this PSU. Atleast none that I can tell.

Any information would be nice. I'm looking to buy this CPU tonight.
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  1. There are worse PSUs than the best buy brand ones.

    I quickly browsed to a trusted review site and they managed to get about 500w out of a 550 without it shutting down on them or worse blowing up.

    That being said, you are rolling the dice if you do this.

    The x2 220 regor pulls like 30 - 65w, the x4 965 is more like a straight 125w. Add to that the fact that your PSU is a year old so probably giving 10% less than its day 1 wattage and you may just not be able to turn your PC on after you do this upgrade.

    I would wait until you can afford to buy a good PSU at the same time as your new CPU.

    The video card isn't that bad, btw, less bad than the new processor will be.

    With the 125w processor and a 100w graphics card, you may really be able to get by though with all the hard drives and everything else included.

    I don't trust the rocketfish, but it may just be up to the task for another year or two.
  2. What PSU would you recommend for this set up? I have 1 Sata Drive the dvd-r also hooked up. I'm looking to buy a decent cheaper PSU. I would have like an extra $80 or so to spend.
  3. Corsair
  4. You'll be fine.
    100w Motherbd, 125w CPU, 100w GPU, 20w drives <= 350w


    I beleive you are limited to 95w processors on your system. Please research before you purchase.
  5. What motherboard are you using? I don't see it listed anywhere.

    For $80, you can probably find an XFX Core 650w that will deliver 300w - 350w at optimal efficiency (~50% load).
  6. Hey guys. thanks for the concern. here is a link to my thread asking about what you asked :)

    In short, my mobo will support my processor and my mobo supports 125w.

    atleast thats what asus tells me :)
  7. I am pretty sure that there will be no problems with 125w processors in that board from the other thread.
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