Noise and temperature levels of 560 vs 6950

Hello guys.
I recently bought the msi gtx-560ti hawk,it's a great card and i have no issue with it apart from the noise it makes.In games it runs about 71-75 degrees celcious and the fans speed is about 65-75% at this temperatures(everything is stock).Before the msi i had the sapphire hd 5870 vapor-x and it has very very quiet and cool,ussually run 68-70 degrees full load and the fan never exceed 35%.

I'm thinking on moving to the asus hd 6950 directcu ii 2gb( which has the 100mm fans.

So if anyone knows i would like to tell my how loud is it,load temperatures and fan speeds,and generally if it is quieter comparing with my 560 hawk or not.
Have they got any diference in noise levels or i will end up with roughly the same thing?

I must say that my main concern is noise diference and i dont care much about performance,power consumption etc...

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  1. Something's not right there. Assuming you have good airflow through your case, the Hawk should not be going that loud or hot. I think there's a fault with the card, you may want to RMA it. The Hawk, which uses the Twin Frozr II cooling technology from MSI, is one of the quietest on test for noise and dissipates heat effectively.
  2. But the heat is not so high,at about 75 degrees celcious load i think its a logical temperature,my room temperature is about 24-26 degrees i think.
    My case is a coolermaster atcs 840 with all the 7 fan brackets filled.
    (And a little corection the hawk uses the twin frozr III cooler).
  3. Also if you take a look to this test the load temprerature is about the same as mine.
  4. I have a Twin Frozr II 6950 2gb. Here are a couple observations that I've noticed from the card in comparison to a reference card, which I also have.

    The TF2 (Twin Frozr II) uses different types of fans. They typically run at 40-50% fan speed. At this speed, it's quieter than the reference card at 30-40%. If the fan is needed to go up to 70%+, the TF2 will get noisy as well.

    I'm unsure the reasons behind your 560ti needing to hit such high fan speeds and it's possible the 6950 tf2 will have to do the same, but then again, it may not require as high of fan speeds to achieve the same temps, and if that's the case, the 6950 TF2 will be quieter. If the problem is due to poor airflow in your system case, then the problem may persist with the 6950 TF2.
  5. Im sure the problem is not the airflow.Like i said above a have the coolermaster atcs840,it has 4 120mm fans and 3 230mm.The two top 230mm exhaust as well as the 120mm at the back,the front 230mm is for intake as well as the 120mm on the bottom and the two 120mm that are on the bracket behind the hdd cage push air directly to the gpu and psu.
    Here is the link to my case:

    Thank you for your observations bystander the 560 hawk as well is fearly quiet when the fans are below 55-60% but when it is under load it goes beyond 70 degrees and the fans run about 65-75% so it sounds a bit like a hairdrier,thats the reason that im thinking on moving to the eah 6950 directcu II...
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