Combo modem/router doesn't do switch and AP

Hi there,

I'm going to continue the problem I had from another post, but, as I've stopped to use WDS and use wires only, I've decided to post a new question.

My config is:

[Combo 1 (](Lan)<-- wire --> (Lan)[Combo 2 (](lan)<-- wire -->(lan)[Combo 3 (]

Combo=Zyxel P660hw t1V2

Combo 1 as AP (TCC1) gives internet
Combo 2 as AP (TCC3) gives internet
Combo 3 as AP (TCC4) doesn't give ip to wireless clients.

The ap settings uses different SSID and different channels. so there is no confusions between APs

IF combo 3 is directly linked to the Combo 1, it gives ips to wireless clients.....

What could be wrong here?
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  1. And of course DHCP is disabled on Combo2 and Combo 3, right.

    Based on the prior thread and the current situation w/ wire, it doesn't appear to be a WDS related issue, so that's the good news. You might want to return to that configuration once you determine the problem.

    Once again, it's not obvious why this doesn’t work. If DHCP is disabled on Combo 2 and Combo 3, and each are on the same subnet as Combo 1, then Combo2 and Combo 3 are simply switches. And as we all know, switches can be chained ad infinitum. All devices on any switch should behave as if they're all using one, large switch. The only “fly in the ointment” is that these are not just switches, but dsl modem+routers, and who knows what idiosyncrasies they may exhibit when you try to repurpose them in this fashion.

    Btw, I don’t recall if you tried this previously, but does a wired client on Combo 3 get internet access? IOW, is the problem strictly confined to wireless users on Combo 3?

    So something doesn't make sense here. It's some subtle issue/problem that's hard to detect without being able to examine the devices in detail. What I would suggest is doing a factory reset on Combo 2 and Combo3 and reapply your changes, so we know w/ absolutely certainty they are configured identically.

    Also, what happens if you switch Combo 2 and Combo 3? I know you said Combo 3 now gets Internet access, but if Combo 2 is now behind Combo 3, does Combo 2 now have the problem? IOW, is it a problem of position (i.e., being third), or is it the specific device?
  2. Of course DHCP has been disabled and relayed to Combo1

    I have an AP(zyxel G570s) but with only one port, that I put but behind combo 2: same problem, wireless clients can't get an IP.

    For me it seems that the combo can be either modem/ap, or ap, but not ap+bridge there is nowhere to configure that anyway.

    The weird thing, is once you plug combo 3 on combo 2 they can ping each other, however, as a wireless client on combo 3 u need to set up a fix ip, to be able to communicate with combo 3.

    Today i'll try the following
    plug a wired client on combo 2: see if i get internet,
    plug a wired client on combo 3: see if i get internet.

    I'll post the results ASAP

    I will certainly by another wap3205 because of the 2 lan port an 2 antennas, and put it instead of combo2.... It might solve the problem, but won't give us any answer about the issue...
  3. Hi, I've just replaced th combo 2 by a WAP3205, Combo 3 by an ordinary AP and every thing is fine!
    Full speed internet speed on both APs

    I really think you were right for the Wan dealt internally. Internet should be coming from the RJ11 plug, if not, the combo goes mad...

    End of topic and Thanks again
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