Problems withe DVI and VGA

Im a Intel guy and have been building top end rigs since the late 90's but haven't built a AMD setup since socket 754. The whole point of the exercise was that my 2tb NAS was nearly full and wanted more storage so i bought a Netgear 4 bay NAS that failed after 24 hours and cost a arm and leg, after it went wrong i couldn't access my data so i thought i will get a refund and build cheap server and because AMD have the cash for cores on i decided that because i had a lot of the components i just needed a board and a CPU. I decided on a on a FM1 socket 3670K and a
ASRock A75 PRO4-M Motherboard it all went together without a hitch, i connected it to my LCD TV to setup WHS and it went fine, the issue was the Missis wanted to watch TV in bed and i was using the LCD as my monitor. This is where the issues came i have my main i5 rig in the bedroom connected to my 23inch Dell monitor, so i thought i would unplug the new build and connect it to my Dell, when i connected it through its DVI connector to the monitors DVI it came on went through post and as it got to loading windows the screen went off, so i tried again the same thing i did notice that my Razor keyboard is all lit and it appears that it has fully booted but im getting no display.

I then went through the VGA socket VGA to VGA and the same thing i then tried DVI on the monitor has it has no HDMI to HDMI on the motherboard, still nothing. I then took it back to the LCD TV plugged it in through its HDMI and away we went came straight on. This is bugging the hell out of me as i cant see what can be causing the issue, ive been in the bios and changed every setting i think could be causing the issue like changing the display setting to onboard and still no luck. I also had a A75 Biostar board to try and the same issue works fine through the HDMI on the Motherboard to the LCD TV but nothing on the monitor. Could the issue be something to do with the AMD catalyst settings in windows or could it be the refresh rates maybe being different.

Please does someone have a idea what the hells going on.
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  1. Come people there must be loads of you with FM1 motherboards that know whats the cause of no picture when you swap outputs.
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